1948 John Egan

    1948? Warwick Newson


    1950 Pick up Rupert Rowe

    1952 HZ  Chris Smith

    1954 HZ Bob Bancroft

    1954 HZ Dennis Frick

    1954 Pick up Vincent Edwards

    1954 HY Mike O Rourke

    1955 Jonathan Newman

    1955 John Owen

    1955 Stu Whitell



    1956 HZ Andy Bennet

    1957 HZ Johan Balslev

    1957 Hy Colin Hughes

    1957 Peter Mitchell


    1961 HY Larry Carroll

    1964 HY Den Childs

    1964 HY Rhys Morgans

    1965 HY72 David Ross

    1965 HZ72 Andy Kirkham

    1965 HY Tim James (rhd)

    1965 HZ72 Adrian Rendle

    1967 HY John Humphreys

    1967 HY Alan Lloyd


    1967   ?   Gail Young

    1968 HZ Gary Barnet

    1968 HY Stuart Gentry

    1969 Victor Chen

    1969 HY Baz Scampion

    1969 HZ Mark & Sally Fleming

    1969 HZ Nicholas Jennings

    1969 HY Niel Milbourne


    1969 HZ Charles G Vacy-Ash

    1969 HY Adam White


    Greetings from H Van.co.uk
    Written by Martyn Brown   




    Hy All,

    We have a couple of new Registrations this month, the first is from John Owen who

    has a 1955 H his history details are as such :- The Vin Plate has 'H' only. The story go,s,

    First owned, by The Bridges & Roads Department, Next, A fighter pilot, and then an

    English Couple, then brought to England by a chap, in Purley Surrey.Now under restoration.

    I'm still waiting for some pictures from John so we can all have a look.

    The next registration is from Martin Overington he's not sure what year the van is

    but it was imported in 1970 Here's a couple of pics.

    12th Aug.2016



    Registers Weekend

    HY all,

    Registers Weekend turned out to be a scorcher, the turnout was great they where lined up from top to

    bottem in the field. Everything bar H vans. 3 turned up  Charles Vacy- Ash and Richard and Melanie Sadler and Me and Caroline.

    Seeing as we were the only ones that put the van in the line up for the vote...... WE WON best in show...

    A win's a win I'll take that anytime. I had some great chats with people about there van that they didn't bring.

    So I know they are out there somewhere. Here's a few pics of Registers Day. 2016

    18 July 2016




    Hy all,

    Last Saturday (28th May) we were invited to an art exhibition in memory of Jon Winter. Sadly he

    passed away in April,  and his paintings where being sold off, all proceeds would go to Ataxia UK. He was

    a resident of Pytchley the village we live in, also an owner of a Citroen Light 15, and a member of the T.O.C.

    So we decided to turn up in our H Van and our 2cv. Also Bernie Shaw a member of the Traction Owners Club

    came along in his 1925 Citroen cloverleaf. We had a great chat about Citroen's and our vehicles. I

    bought a lovely painting by Jon, of a light 15 set in Paris.

    Johan Balslev joined the registration and sent me pictures of his van he writes:-

    I purchased it in 2015 from Phil Archer near Luton. Phil had started the renovation,
    but the job got too time consuming and too expensive and he decided to sell after
    refurbishing the engine and other engine related repair.
    I am now getting it rewired on the 6 volt and have got most of the interior made.
    I intend to make the camping section with 12 volt with solar power to charge battery
    plus having a mains socket installed for camping places and enable me to charge from the house.
    I shall send more pictures when van completed.
    We'll keep a look out for the pictures and keep us informed on how its progressing.


    On a different note  Andy Hughes who ownes the website is looking to upgrade it to a newer version.
    So if any one is interested in advertising on the website please get in touch and I can forward the ad to
    Keep the pictures coming in. Tube it don't lose it.
    May 22nd 2016

    Hy tout les monde,

    Stu Whitell has registered his rare 1955 H , he tells me :- Not much known about it I'm afraid. The last owner brought it over to the UK 2 years ago but has not done anything with it. Bought it as a non runner  and have cranked the engine over by hand and it's free moving. Can move it easily by pushing and the handbrake even seems responsive. Will be cleaning the petrol tank, fuel line and carb first then having a go at firing it up.

    It's great to hear that people like Stu are not daunted in taking on a project like this, I'm sure he will have great fun with his H, keep in touch and let us know how its going. If you need any advice then please don't hesitate to ask.

    If you have carried out any restoration work on your van or modifications to improve your van and you want to share your experiences then please send them in and I'll add them to the site.

    Tube it don't lose it




    HY All,

    This month they've been a few new registrations, the first is from Tom Vickers from Colchester who has a 1977 HY Tom says :-I have attached a few pictures, still in the process of trying to get it running before we strip it down too much further. I am restoring it with the help of a friend asa catering van for my own business idea. I have no information on the van other than that it was built in February 1977, it came with no paperwork or history..... and I am head over heels with it (obsessed is another word that springs to mind). The shopping list gets longer and longer, and its going to be a struggle, I was hoping it was going to be more labour than parts, but with things like the window runners setting me back £100 each, there is a lot of 'unconsidered' costs to...... consider!

    The bodywork is a worse than expected and I cannot weld myself, so need to get an eager person on board! All in all though its fairly solid, and I cannot wait to get it going, it don't plan at this stage to be doing huge miles in it around the country , but am looking forward to crawling along that country roads!
    If you have any information/club details that may be of any help it would be much appreciated.
    All the best!
    It looks like he's got his work cut out on this one. My next registration is from Chris Davis from Ilfracombe he has a 1972 HW a beast of a H (groan) Chris is having trouble with his brakes and CV boot. Chris writes :-
    Well I have taken the front brakes to pieces and one of the actuators (not my ability naming!) on the end of the bar that was attached to the handbrake arms by pinch bolts is the problem. The little bolt/pin thing that holds the little wheel in place won't stay in, I don't know what keeps it in normally as the ones on the other ones wont fall out at all?! So I'm curious if this is broken or usual? I have had a look around online and couldn't find one anywhere so I hope its not broken!
    If I have confused you then I'm sorry! I'm not sure if I have explained it very well, in the instructions I have followed he said to be careful with them as they are handed, which I understand but might help you better understand the bit I mean!
    The rubber on the end of the drive shaft had a hole in it so whilst I was ordering the brake parts I also ordered a set of inside and outside rubbers. Could you give me a pointer as to how to actually fit them? Do I need to remove the shaft or can I take the cv joint off the end and slide them both on from there?
    I have more questions but I will hang on and not bombard you!
    Thank you very much for letting me pester you a bit!
    That ok Chris that's what we're here for.....




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