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1948 John Egan

1948? Warwick Newson


1950 Pick up Rupert Rowe

1952 HZ  Chris Smith

1954 HZ Bob Bancroft

1954 HZ Dennis Frick

1954 Pick up Vincent Edwards

1954 HY Mike O Rourke


1956 HZ Andy Bennet

1957 Hy Colin Hughes

1957 Peter Mitchell


1961 HY Larry Carroll

1964 HY Den Childs

1964 HY Rhys Morgans

1965 HY72 David Ross

1965 HZ72 Andy Kirkham

1965 HY Tim James (rhd)

1965 HZ72 Adrian Rendle

1967 HY John Humphreys

1967 HY Alan Lloyd


1967   ?   Gail Young

1968 HZ Gary Barnet

1968 HY Stuart Gentry

1969 Victor Chen

1969 HY Baz Scampion

1969 HZ Mark & Sally Fleming

1969 HZ Nicholas Jennings

1969 HY Niel Milbourne


1969 HZ Charles G Vacy-Ash

1969 HY Adam White


Greetings from H Van.co.uk
Written by Martyn Brown   





I've had an email from Jay Jones who writes:-

To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing to let you know my Citroen H Van has been stolen from Birmingham on 24/01/2016. I would just like to make you aware incase anyone tries to sell it on your website. If you do see it please contact West Midlands Police and myself on 07739530874.
I have attached a photo of the van to this email and also have the chassis number is CHA5 515. It is currently a cream and brown van with Pietanic written on the side.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Jay Jones

www.pietanic.co.uk // @Pietanic // facebook.com/pietanic
Lets hope it gets returned quickly

HY Tout le monde,

We've had a couple of new registrations, the first is from Olle Westman who lives in Sweden, he writes :-

Jag vet inte om detta är chassinumret som fanns på den från början, detta nummer stansades in på hjälpramen vid importen till Sverige.
Årsmodellen är en knepig historia. Såvitt jag vet såldes den ny 1982. Vid importen så sägs det att den inte skulle gå att registrera på grund av svenska bestämmelser (avgas eller något sånt). Så den har fått årsmodell 1974 i registreringshandlingarna, vilket är gynnsamt då jag avser att modernisera den något vad det gäller motor och växellåda
Den har varit HY-grå men kommer att lackeras i en annan färg när den är färdigrenoverad.
Jag har arbetat med den sedan hösten 2013 och har som plan att provköra den sommaren 2016. Hoppas jag. . .
Tyvärr så har jag inte så många bilder hur den såg ut när jag köpte den, men jag skickar två som är tagna innan jag strippade den.

Thanks to the wonders of google translate I think he says this :- I do not know if this is the chassis number that was on it from the beginning, this number was punched into the subframe at import into Sweden.
Model year is a tricky history. As far as I know it was sold new in 1982. When imported, so it is said that it would not go to register because of the Swedish law (exhaust or something like that). So it has got model year 1974 registration documents, which is favorable then I intend to modernize it slightly in terms of engine and gearbox
It has been the HY-gray but will be painted in a different color when completed renovated.
I have worked with it since autumn 2013 and has been designed to test drive the summer of 2016. I hope. . .
Unfortunately, I have not so many images how it looked when I bought it, but I'll send you two shot before I stripped it.

The second registration is from Richard Burch who's white :-

These were taken at the CX Rally at Little Horwood the day after I had imported the vehicle in 2013.  I live in Winslow 2 miles down the road from Little Horwood, so the timing was perfect.

Since then I have registered and MOTed it, and carried out a few modifications including windows to each side immediately behind the cab, a pair of rear seats, and front seat belts.

I have since realised that although the body was made in 1972, a pre ’63 engine is fitted.  It’s working well, but I would be very keen to upgrade it at some stage.



Hy all,

I've had a new registration from Stuart and Annabel Gentry, here's their story:-

We found Flo start of last December at a great wee find in Holmbridge - Graham Morton Garages, Citroen specialists. We had gone over thinking we wanted another Citroen HY van that was slightly out of our budget. Stuart had warned me that all Graham had in was a horsebox at the moment. Graham had just been over to get it from France from a French family who had it from the beginning & still used it as a horsebox up until Graham purchased it off them the month before. Stuart said it probably would'nt do us as our family Coffee Van on IOM.
But as soon as we both walked in we both went Wow - she's the one. Graham showed us around a few other Citroen HY vans he had in & some shells with no engines. But we knew we wanted the horsebox as it fitted the strict mobile catering unit guidelines on the IOM.
So we gave Graham an idea of our vision - he suggested a few ideas of his own after doing many of these. Then he started work on Flo. We went over about 4 times to check in on her & decide on how the hatch would be cut in her side and how the back 'horse' style trailer bit would be cut and open. Graham had so many helpful ideas & would always get a few other Citroen HY catering vans in for us to properly decide.
Flo was lined with aluminium sheets to fill in the horse box gaps. Had all her electrics & lights done by Graham Morton & his team. We picked her spray colour - it had to be cream for the coffee & cream aspect. And her name was always going to be Flo because it was my mums & Grans middle name. It was their little nest egg & Grans passion for baking each week, when I was small, gave me the starting chance & skills to get where I am now.
Flo is the first of her kind on IOM and she definitely has that wow factor at all the events here.
It definitely has been a labour of love as it took 3 months to get her through the Manx Government MOT as it is all computers & high tech equipment they use. So obviously they were picking every little thing up with her being 1968 & not techy at all. Never mind all the levers & KM speed dial & all the words in French. And she still grumbles when it is cold, damp & very wet. But we love her none the same, grumbles & splutters, the lot. She's one of the family & we are now known as Family Flo.

find us on facebook as Flo The Coffee Van

Many thanks for that Stuart and Annabel, you can really feel the passion. If anyone else has a similar story please send them in.



Hy tout les monde

The spotters have been out again, Mike Daly spotted this J reg short wheel base one at Blenheim Palace, if this is yours please send me your details so I can add it to the register.

Same goes for this Green long wheel base, spotted by Mike in Edinburgh.





Hy all,

Winter draws on, so I hope your getting your van ready for the cold period. Looking forward to next year John Sobey is organising an H Van meet. Here are the detail:-

Its the "HY Days and Holidays Camp". Location Tudor Caravan Park, Slimbridge Gloucestershire GL2 7BP. From the north

take the A38 south from M5 J13. and turn right at the roundabout s/p Slimbridge. From the south take the A38 north

from M5 J14 and left at roundabout to Slimbridge. Site is on left before the canal bridge. Pub with food at the entrance.

Date is 6-8th May 2016. No need to book but please let me know if you are coming on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The campsite is on www.tudorcaravanpark.com We will be on the Rally field with our big party tent. No hookups but modern heated toilets and showers. Close to the Sharpness Canal and Slimbridge Willdfowl Trust. Cycle hire and boat trips hopefully. £14 p.unit p.night. Welcome to all

H Vanners and friends.

I've heard of a ship in a bottle but what about an H Van inside an airport lounge? Joolz sent in this quandary:-
Thought you might like this pic. Catering van recently 'installed' in the international departure gates area of Stockholm Arlanda airport. Two mysteries for me:
I've not seen a catering hatch on the starboard side before;
It's by the departure gates, accessible only by escalator, stairs or small lifts, so far as I can tell.
So how the hell did they get it up there?
Best regards
Joolz (Mehariste)
If you know the answers to Joolz problem then email me.







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