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1948 John Egan

1948? Warwick Newson


1952 HZ  Chris Smith

1954 HZ Bob Bancroft

1954 HY Mike O Rourke

1956 HZ Andy Bennet

1957 Hy Colin Hughes

Displaying 751.JPG



1961 HY Larry Carroll

1964 HY Den Childs

1964 HY Rhys Morgans

1965 HY72 David Ross

1965 HZ72 Andy Kirkham

1965 HY Tim James (rhd)

1965 HZ72 Adrian Rendle

Displaying various 004 (Small).jpg

1967   ?   Gail Young

1969 HY Baz Scampion

1969 HZ Mark & Sally Fleming

1969 HZ Nicholas Jennings

1969 HZ Charles G Vacy-Ash


1970 HY Alex Grant

1970 HZ72B John Turvill

1972 HY Tony Phipps

1973 HZ Alan Rule

1973 HY Doug and Liz Cunningham

1974 ? Ian Simms

1976 HY John Rowe

1976 HY Martyn and Caroline Brown

1977 HZ72 Gill and John Hinson

1978 HY John and Hazel Sobey

1978 HY Mark Burrows


1980 Lee Shale


1980 HY Seth Richards

1981 HY Mike Good

1982 HY Melanie Sadler

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Greetings from H
Written by Martyn Brown   

Mark and Sally's Van Chaud and the Red Arrows

David Ross's

1965 HY72 ex Service Departmental D’Incendie et de Secours D’Eure et Loir

Taken outside the fire station in Bonneval near Chartres where it used to be based.




Well the H Van spotters have been out again, my brother Paul and his fianceè Elaine spotted these two van's in Notcuts garden centre in Westbridgeford  Nottingham, one selling fish and chips and the other selling your Sunday roast. I bet when they first made the H van in France they never would've thought that it would be used to sell roast beef in a garden centre in Nottingham. On second thoughts I'm sure the french would think what else could the English sell. Roast beef or Fish and Chips. If you are the owners of the vans and are some how reading this then please send me details of the vans and how you come about to be in a garden centre. I'm still surprised how versatile the Hy is. Well Happy New Year to all the H Vanners out there keep sending me any stuff about your Vans.





Could this be the best Hy in the world?



Colin Hughes bought this Hy 11 years ago, and it has taken 2 years to restore.

Displaying MVC-029S (3).JPGDisplaying MVC-048S.JPG

Displaying 2cv french national 2010 007.JPG

You must agree what a fantastic job he has made of it, I haven't seen better.



Its time we had a cool pictures board.. send in your pictures of your H Van and get them on the front page....

Displaying DSCF2015.JPG

Sent in by Sally and David Hamilton while in Greenwich, London.






This is one way to weld up the chassis. sent in by Alex Grant.



Buy one get one free



Now this is a cool picture. Sent in by David Andrews Seen at Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth.

Displaying 2013-07-28 18.34.59.jpg


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